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Fucked Up Stories
Stories here too you know

Any one who plays on the Springdale under 17 soccer team are gay because they thought i was fakin my injury, fuck them

Finally i got a story here, I am puttin this here on request from my good buddy Brent, or Bret as he likes to be called

1. On Salmon Festival day, everyone got on the beer and went crazy, these 3 guys were no exception. Around the middle of the day aft er they had about 10 or so beer downed, they started gettin all freaky with the beer. They started pourin it all over each others heads and on their clothes and shit, and like you would, they got really sticky. Needing to be cleaned worse than Micheal Beson(a local dirtbag), they decided to go swimming at Deppels. The main area where they intended on going first was filled up with people so instead, they went to a lower area. There they for some unknown reason, stripped down into their birthday suits and started swimmin naked. But swimmin wasn't enough for these lunitics, they decided that they would start climbing up rocks and jumping off them, naked. What made matters even funnier is that there was a group of old women swimming just above where they were, and the old women could probably see there noodles. After they were all cleaned up and not smelling like beer they finally put their clothes back on. Just as soon as they did, a group of people walked down the trail.

Talk about your close calls. By the way, just in case you are wondering, these 3 crazy horses were Bret , Finn , and Corbin.

2. It all started when one day I took an unexpectd trip to Lewisporte. The guy who I was stayin with had already made plans that night so I was left with nothing to do, or so I thought. I was just sittin peacefully playin Worms Armageddon when all of a sudden the phone rings. I pick up the receiver and to my surprise, it is Quinnsway, one of my other friends from there. He so graciously invites me out with them cause I was stuck with nothin to do that night. So I walk over to near his house to meet up with him Nitsuj, Jamie(a whitie thinkin that he's blackie) and Bert(a quiet devil). We walked downtown where we entered the local video store, there unbenonsest to us jamie robbed a poster. We all laughed at that cuz Nitsuj was standin right next to him and he never even saw him take it. After that Jamie left to go babysit his sister. I was glad cause i didnt like him at all. We ended up goin to this girl Sylvia's house, and thenwe decided to go to the Woolfrey's pond area. On the way to which Nitsuj put a hockey stick in a kids spokes and made him flip over his bike and almost land on his head. Also me and Quinnsway had a stick fight which turned ugly when he started throwing rocks at me, it hurt. Anyway, when we got to the wharf area, we were just sittin down for a while listening to Quinnsway's pitiful attempt to get with Sylvia. All of a sudden, Bert got up grabbed the swing next to me, and hurled it into the water. Then he came back and took the one I was on and threw that one into the water too. This needless vandalism prooked more needless vandalism. Quinnsway picked aa garbage can and threw it into the brush, and in an attempt to cover up the throwing of the can in the woods, he also threw the sign directly behind it sayin GARBAGE in to the woods also. Then we made our way over to the wharf itself, where Quinnsway promply began destroying the very core of the wharf after we were finished sharing each others crazy stories. He ripped up 3 boards and hurled them into the water. By this time we were laughing hysterically at the senseless destruction going on around us. On our way back, Bert took the last swing and carried it with him until finally Nitsuj threw it into the water later on down the path. And to cap of this evening Quinnsway tore down a sign on the trail and gave it to Sylvia as a sign of his affection. Everything was hunky dory for the rest of the night , as we Walked to Nitsuj's house and watched TV. BUt the next morning , I got a call from Quinnsway. He said that the police had phoned his house because apparently, there was some vandalism around the time when we were in the park. I was so shocked and puzzled. " Vandalism, how could that be? We only beat the shit out of stuff, we never vandalised the place."
So it turned out that Quinnsway and Nitsuj had to go get interrogated by the police, Quinnsway getting the worst of itbecause he had to go into the interrogation room. As a result of this fiasco, Quinnsway and NItsuj were charged for Vandalism and Bert was charged with mischeif. And in September both Quinnsway and Nitsuj have to go get counselling for they have anger problems, or something like that. Personally, I find this hilarious.