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Fucked Up Stories
Confucious Say

Proverbs From The All-Knowing Confucious

Baseball wrong-Man with four balls cannot walk
Man who stand on toilet is high on pot
Man who fingers girl while on period gets caught red-handed
Man with hole in pocket feels cocky all day
Man who goes to beds with itchy bum wakes up with smelly finger
Man with penis in peanut butter jar is fucking nuts
Man who walk through airport door sideways is going to Bangkok
Man who drop watch in toilet have shitty time
Crowded elevator smell different to midget

This is a story about a horse named Rusty, told to me by this Russian guy named Kons. It is more then likely true cause he is an idiot.

A few years ago at the St.John's Regatta there was an area where you could touch and ride the horses. Kons was fried at the time and he had a big bag of sour blue raspberries. While the owner wasn't looking, he fed the horse the whole bag of candy. After a while, the horse got really sick and started shitting uncontrolably. Because he was so violently ill they had to put him to sleep. Poor old Rusty.

I do not encourage the harming of animals