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Fucked Up Stories

This is one of the funny things that happened on our soccer tournament in Gander last year.

It all started at about 11:30 outside our hotel room. Out on the street were a couple of girls, so naturally being guys we started to talk to them. At first they came across as a couple of nice kind girls, but after talking to them for about 10 minutes we realized that they were total whores. At around 12:00 am or so we started trying to get them to flash us, they were reluctant to do so, disappointed we started throwing water, cans of drink and other objects that could potentially injure them. By this time the Stephenville soccer team was also harassing them, it was pretty damn funny. They were throwing the hotel's drinking glasses and bags of ice at them. Somehow out of all this we had learned one of their names, Stephanie Head. We asked her if the name meant anything, she said she was the best in all of Gander. We thought that was pretty cool but very sluttish. Then , I don't know how, but they somehow made there way into our rooms. There they examined each one of our players and said who they though was sexy. We managed to kicked them out of our rooms, but them they were back outside of our rooms on the street. All of a sudden she pointed out one of the guys and said
"Me and you , in the bushes"
We were all like, Tom, are you gonna do it ?...... Tom?........ Tom?
He ran there faster than you could say the word titties.
By this time all the players from both teams were lined up across the balconies outside their rooms. That whore took him by the chest and body slammed him down in the bushes and then started goin down on him. All you could see was her head bobbing up and down in the tall grass. Both teams were chearing out his name. When he blew his load she just swallowed it and walked away like it was no big deal.

It was pretty crazy.